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Author's NotesLearn add, multiplication, division, subtraction. Math game for adults and kids.


Jump into math games for kids and adults for free. This math app is useful to learn either solving basic equations or train your brain with fast brain work or teach math to your kid .

You can select one of two modes educating math: Learn or Game.
In Learn Math mode you are not limited with time and after session you can check your results in a table.

In Game Mode you will have to show all your math skills and times tables to solve arithmetic equations on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Any mathematical game trains arithmetic skills. But when the time to solve an equations is limited, this skill develops at a higher level. The more math equations you solve, the more difficult are new equations. After every math game you will see detailed statistics table with your math skills data. Or you can compare your results with leaderboard.

★ Educational game: educates math skills, knowledge of the times tables, rise up brain power
★ Interactive times tables
★ Math game for all ages, for kids and adults
★ Select desired operation to learn: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
★ Achievements and leaderboard
★ Intuitive control
★ Nice graphics
★ Localized to 9 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
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Math games: learn multiplication & division APK - v3.2

Updated: 2020-05-14

What's new

Now you can see correct value in results table in case if your asnwer was wrong
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