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Author's NotesLet's Play This Birthday Bash Mod And Be Able to Collect All Notebooks.


Yippee! How about we party! it's baldi birthday bash badge party today! Everybody simply Stickman need to join educator of baldi game gathering of learning instruction and today, he appear to be so upbeat Math Teacher about it! Be that as it may, he still wanna rebuff understudies who can't address his question and defy him! Since Scary Teacher it's a vengeance time! You need to realize how does baldi praise his birthday celebration?

In this baldi birthday bash badge party mod world, everybody in school appears Stickman Neon to be content with it, they love it and you can be a piece of it as well. Find numerous things which you can use to your Basico break plan, meet harasser, Math Teacher head and other baldi inviting companions. It's unnerving ghastliness training games, yet chill... in this gathering baldi appears Original to be very content with his commemoration mode!

You host to escape from baldi birthday gathering school, gather 8 note pads Basico to have the option to get out from frantic insane startling educator baldi birthday slam identification party mod game. At the point when Math Teacher you gather a scratch pad, you have to respond to arithmetic inquiries effectively, something else on the off chance that you addressed it wrong, baldi will be so annoyed! At the point Basico when he is Math Teacher irate, he will move Rope Hero overly quick! You need to escape from him since he certainly will rebuff you.

With new extraordinary upbeat Math Teacher consummation easter egg is accessible as well...

All in all, what are you hanging tight for folks?

Presently, right away, we should Basico play Math Teacher baldi birthday slam identification party game mod with your companions.
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Math Angry Teacher: Birthday Bash Badge Party Mod APK - v2.0

Updated: 2020-09-22

2.0 (2)2020-09-22
1.0 (1)2020-09-04