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Author's NotesPersonal money management and budget tracking application.


Budget tracking, income and expense management are main functions for this application.

The expense management application is an application developed to facilitate the tracking of personal expenses and revenues!

You can easily save your expenses and revenues, view them monthly under certain categories, and easily manage your budget.

  You can add new categories according to your needs.

  You can see what you spend most on the home screen with the pie chart

  The amount you spend on what day is shown to you in the second graph on the home screen.

 The Accounts section is available for the card accounts or contact accounts that you want to follow separately.

With accounts, you can follow up your debt or you can follow the balance of all your credit cards separately.

  You can add income expense from the main screen with quick income or quick expense add functions.

  You can view all details of income and expenses on a monthly basis and add new income or expense.

  You can send your monthly expenses and revenues via the e-mail buttons at the bottom of the income and expense screen.

You can also make instant filtering through the search function on the expense screen.

  You can keep track of your own notes by using the note screen

  You can enter the spending in installments.

  Plan your monthly budget from the plan screen

 From the report screen you can see how much money you have spent on a monthly basis, how much revenue you have earned, and the total profit / loss status.

 At the end of the month you can follow your report on the report screen

  From the Accounts screen, you can create accounts such as current account, contact account, bank account credit card account and keep track of each account easily via this application.

  You can see the details of your expenditures or the debit accounts you have with the people from the account movements

  In the chat section you can chat about the 5 main topics.

 You can see the graph of your income and expenses for all records annually.

-Take detailed excel report with single key and share it by mail.

 With this application you will be able to easily track where you spend your money until the last penny and easily manage your income and expenses.
 Expense Management, House expense, car expenses, market shopping expenses, bank expense, savings, invoice expenses, such as the costs you can save under the categories of monthly usage reports.

 By seeing all your expenses, you will be able to easily manage your budget and control your financial situation

 Expense Management, using the income and expense data you recorded, reports these expenditures / incomes to you on a monthly basis and annually generates income and income graphs.

 With this application you can control your money account

 There are a lot of features in this application to improve your financial situation.

 You can open your account for free and back up your data to the cloud.

 You can also use the cost management application in the form of debt collection.

You can make monthly budget plan and see how you fit your plan on the report screen.

After using the cost management application for 1 month, you can see your wasted expenses and make savings and make your savings goals easier.

Come on, follow your expenses!

 You can find videos related to usage by searching in youtube under the name "Expense management".
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Expense management - Income expense tracking APK - v2.5.0

Updated: 2020-04-28

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2.5.0 (148)2020-04-28
2.5.3 (154)2021-02-10
2.4.0 (147)2020-03-17
2.3.0 (128)2019-12-01
2.2.6 (127)2019-11-12
2.2.4 (124)2019-11-03
2.2.2 (122)2019-10-29
2.1.2 (119)2019-10-26
8.0.2 (107)2019-06-13
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