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Author's NotesRob the amazing Mansion and become a real thief and join burglars club.


Stealing Home? Want to become a Real Thief? Start like an organised thief and rob the amazing mansion. Robbing is made fun in this Stealth Game. This is not a simple stealing home game rather it is more like a planned robbery. Sneak thief to successfully carry out the robbery mission.

Loot Game:
Sneak past the security guards, alarms and other security hurdles to do house robbery. Get into the mansion to start the Real Burglary Game. Many thieves have been caught in police chase. Crime is an old game. So, if you like old games this crime game is waiting for you. Looting everything from a small phone to big LED, jewerlly or a coin of gold don't leave anything that is stealable and you can sell later in pawnshop to earn money. Which you can then use to buy a home for living.

A unique modern mansion built in the heart of City, full-packed with beauty of nature, light and power of redstone! Finely-built with love and created with combination of multiple designs to experience the best of your mansion!

Day or night, it looks beautiful with the use of concrets, slabs, and stones, available nearby. Modern mechanisms such as opening or closing doors, turning on/off lights.
Mansion contains many different types of rooms like bar, party, kids room and more.
No modern mansion is complete without swmining pools in it. So we have it for you. These entities will make your house stealing difficult at the same time worthwhile you gonna get lot of high valued items.

* There is a house for sale that you need to buy to start a better life.
* For that you need money and you don't have any job or any business to earn money.
* So, you need to become a thief. A real thief, the organized thief.
* You have to carry out a greater robbery in the mansion because it can be a dangerous place and you can go to jail for life.
* Loot everything that comes to your way.

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Mansion Robbery - Real Thief Simulator APK - v1.3

Updated: 2019-08-08

What's new

- Rob clubs with snooker, gym, and other rooms
- Thief Simulator robbery minigames
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