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OS RequireAndroid 4.2.x - Jelly Bean
Author's Notes🔍 Magnifier, Magnifying glass with light for people who can't see well


Magnifier - Magnifying Glass - Less ads

The app uses your phone's camera to magnify small text or whatever comes to mind. Never carry around a magnifier or magnifying glass again!

What you can do with this magnifying glass:
🔍 Magnifier app with light for low light situations
🔍 Magnifying glass with zoom from 1X-10X
🔍 Read small text, business cards or newspapers with no glasses.
🔍 Check the details of your medicine bottle prescription.
🔍 Read menu in a dark light restaurant
🔍 Check serial Numbers From Back Of Device (WiFi, TV’s, Washer, DVD, Refrigerator, etc.).
🔍 Can be used as Microscope (for more fine and tiny images, though, this is not a real microscope).

- By using this magnifying glass with light you can clearly read small texts you can move the magnifier on the screen by just moving your figures.
- Magnifying glass for android is a free android application. Simplest tool that anyone can use it without training.
- With magnifier, you can read clearly and easily, never missing anything.
- With magnifying glass with light, you can zoom in or zoom out the camera by your fingers. Also smart magnifier can use flashlight whenever you need.
- Magnifying Glass app help you to see such thing in your mobile screen which is not visible on by the naked eye.
- Magnifier app with light is a perfect solution for your everyday reading.
- Magnifying glass for android smart phones make you smarter.
- Magnifier app with light and camera has been tested to work well on almost any Android device.
- This is all-in-one magnifying glass, flashlight, and camera snapshot, freeze image app provides everything you need to read clearly.
- Magnifier - Magnifying Glass app is the best magnifying glass app of 2020.

Magnifier - Magnifying Glass app is available in English, Français, Deutsch, 한국어, 日本人, русский, Tiếng Việt, عربى, 中国人, Italiano, Dansk, Nederlands, Magyar, Portuguesa, Española, Svenska, ภาษาไทย, ພາສາລາວ, Melayu, Norsk, bahasa Indonesia, Íslensku, Suomalainen

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Magnifier - Magnifying glass with light APK - v2020.08.03

Updated: 2020-08-04

What's new

✓ Fix focus
✓ Less ads
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