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In a world of chaos, what will you do to survive, to live, or even to rule? Be it fists or kicks, be it pistols or rifles, you’d better prepare well and power up to the fullest. Because the survivor takes it all. Money, gold or power, name it if you dare to claim…

Rise in the darkness and be the underground Boss! Will you be the one to rule? Are you ready to stir the city up? Join us in this cool & fierce Top Gang to find out more!

【Classic Features】

* Recruit dozens of unique Heroes with great power and skills! Upgrade and evolve them to fully unleash their potentials;

* Make full use of the “Alpha Union”. You will get a group of high-level Heroes immediately by putting them in the “Union Slots”!

* Create/Join a Gang. Discuss with your loyal allies and join the Gang Hunt to win amazing prizes!

* Clear enemies in the Battlefield stage by stage for great rewards and honor; Get abundant rewards from the Time’s Legacy even if you’re offline!

* Take up the thrilling challenges! Explore the Mystery Mansion, Crown Tower and Expedition with courage and strategies to win incredible rewards.

* Join various exciting events to win amazing rewards;

* Battle with other players in Dual Arena & Brawl Field & get your rankings up;

* Play & Chat ONLINE with friends from all over the world in Real-Time.


* Top Gang is FREE to download and play. You can also get some game items through in-app-purchase.

* A network connection is also required.

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* Privacy Policy:
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Top Gang APK - v1.6.0

Updated: 2020-07-03

What's new

New amazing gameplay ready for you!

1.Creed Power!
In Creed Power, you can upgrade Creed Core and five types of Creeds to boost Heroes’ Stats.

2.Elite Recruitment!
By unlocking “Elite Recruitment” in Recruit Center, you’ll have the new way to recruit Heroes you desire!

3.Friends & Friendship Recruitment!
You can add friends now and get “Friend’s Heart” for the “Friendship Recruitment” in Recruit Center.

4.Hero Optimization.
Some Heroes’ skills are adjusted for a better battle experience.
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1.2.0 (19)2020-04-15
1.1.1 (15)2020-02-19
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1.1.0 (12)2020-01-17
1.1.0 (11)2020-01-16
1.0.0 (10)2020-01-11
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