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Author's NotesFor people, who aspire to make their life more balanced and harmonic.


Are you interested in the influence of the moon on man?
Do you want to know what day of the Moon it is now?
Do you want to live a more harmonious life?
Do you want to have a simple and intuitive calendar close at hand?
Then this app will help you!

Lunar Calendar shows properties for each day:
* Health recommendations (e.g. what food to avoid)
* Relationship recommendations
* General and business recommendations
* Recommendations for planting
* Recommendations for yogis
* Water treatment and purification
* Of course it shows day of moon
* Of course it shows moon face
* Of course it shows current zodiac sign
* All info mentioned above is shown in both textual and graphic form
* The app supports all Android devices with any screen sizes
* Available in English, Deutsch and Russian
* The PRO version Lunar Calendar has a dream-book on lunar days and aromatherapy

The slogan of our team is: "Only essence!". In the app you can see seven simple intuitive pictures, providing complete image of the current day. Application is designed for ordinary people, who aspire to make their life more balanced and harmonic.

We also have a paid version without ads with the dream-book on lunar days and aromatherapy:
Please let us know if you have any questions - we will be glad to answer any of them!

Best Regards,
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Lunar Calendar APK - v3.9

Updated: 2020-10-15

What's new

Ability calculate calendar up to 2050 year
Added the ability to install extensions:
- detailed calendar of haircuts
- dream book on lunar days
- calendar of household matters
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3.9 (56)2020-10-15
3.8 (55)2019-05-12
3.7 (54)2019-05-11
3.6 (53)2019-03-01
3.5 (52)2019-02-13
3.4 (51)2018-11-27
3.3 (50)2018-10-26
3.2 (49)2018-09-27
3.0 (47)2018-08-21
2.8 (45)2018-02-10
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