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Author's NotesWeight loss program for men 30 days, in combination with diet, burn fat quickly


You are obese, overweight and have a lot of belly fat. So you are looking for the fastest and most effective way to lose weight?
But you're a pretty busy person and don't have time to go to the gym. What should you do?

Don't worry, we will provide you with the fastest and most effective weight loss training for men in just 30 days.
You only need to spend 7 - 10 minutes practicing every day at home. And you don't even need to use any assistive devices.

The 30-day fast weight loss app for men will bring you a home weight loss workout and diet plan that's right for you. This whole home weight loss training program is researched and developed by a team of nutrition and health experts.
You will lose weight fast and effectively after only 30 days !!!

With the weight loss app just for men, you will get lots of positive benefits. Weight loss exercises will quickly burn fat, reducing the amount of fat in the body, helping you to have a healthy body. Since then improve health and spirit. In addition, losing weight also helps you reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, reduce aches and pains, ...
When successful weight loss, you will own a healthy body, with a balanced body and full of vitality. You can freely choose your outfit without worrying about the size.

30-day weight loss plan:
We have developed a weight loss plan specifically for men for you. This program is also suitable for all other men, and it can customize the intensity of the exercise as you like.

Personalization program:
If you want to train for each specific muscle group, you can find it in this app. We have developed a training program specific to each muscle group, including hands, stomach, thighs and legs. You can optionally choose muscle groups and intensity training.

Workout at home:
This is a best home weight loss app today.
With just a rug and a smartphone, you can practice at your own home.

No device:
The training is very simple, without using any professional training equipment such as a modern gym.

Fitness trainer:
There are coaches to guide each correct move for you to learn and practice accordingly.
This will help you lose weight more effectively and quickly. That is very cool.

Diet plan:
A 30 day diet plan is available for those who lose weight.
This diet plan will be tailored for each meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner.

  30-day weight loss plan.
   Diet plan for weight loss.
  Practice specific muscle groups.
  Daily chart of calories and BMI.
   Keep track of weight loss progress.
  Keep track of calories burned.
  Low-calorie diet plan.
   Reminders of the day's meals.
  Lose weight with a personal trainer.
  Detailed instructions on videos and animation.
  Customize your workout reminder.
  Easy to follow and easy to practice at home.
  Practice daily weight loss at home, without equipment.
  Remind and track exercises, check weight and BMI.
  In addition, exercises to help you lose weight, burn belly fat fast.
   This application is designed exclusively for men
  There are many personalized weight loss programs from beginner to advanced levels.

There are also many new features that will be updated as soon as possible.
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Lose Weight For Men In 30 Days - Workout And Diet APK - v1.4

Updated: 2020-07-03

What's new

- Weight loss plan for 30 days.
- Weight loss meal plan.
- Practice according to specific muscle groups.
- Track weight loss progress.
- Low calorie diet plan.
- Detailed video and animation guides.
- Customize your workout reminders.
- Practice weight loss daily at Home, No Equipment.
- Reminders and follow up exercises, weight check and BMI.
- There are many weight loss programs from basic to advanced levels.
- Bug fixed
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