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Author's NotesLocate your family and grandparents, your kids and your cars. View their tracked position on a map in your device....




Locate your family and grandparents, your kids and your cars. View their tracked position on a map in your device.
Receive notification ALERTS when they enter or exit an area, when they ran out of battery, when they turn their devices on or off...

This app is designed to be installed in Android devices, cell phones or mobile phones to control other Android devices (like your kids, your old grandparents, your car...) using a very little amount of battery of the cell phone.

It is perfect for the whole family, your kids, for your relatives with Alzheimer and all your friends. The GPS and the Network location will find them quickly. Use these apps as a Family Finder or as a Friends Finder.

You need to install the Corcanoe Locator in the controlled devices.
You need to install the Corcanoe Viewer in the controller devices.

The Locator is a small invisible tracking service that runs in the background.

Watch the Help tutorial ( to help you how to configure these apps easily.

The controlled (Locator) devices will inform the controller (Viewer). Several Viewers can control (track) the same Locators.
So, the kids and the grandparents can be controlled by you and by your couple.

The Locator runs as a background service, so your grandparents or kids don't have to do anything with it.
The Locator uses a very little amount of battery. You can configure the Tracker to set the amount of minutes between intervals. It is smart enough to detect changes, like for example when leaving the house it will inform immediately.

This app is able to set several ALERTS to notify you about different events on the controlled users. This alerts can be:

Display a notification when the controlled user gets to a minimum of battery. This way they will never ran out of battery. You will be able to tell them ahead of time.

Display a notification when entering and/or exiting from specific areas of the map. This way you will know if your controlled users are at home, out of home, near a casino, at school, at the bars area, at work, in the hospital, too far away from home, out of the neighborhood… Define as many geofences as you need.

Power on/off:
Display a notification when the controlled users turns their device on. You are also able to know if they turn it off (this depends on other factors).

Other alerts will be created shortly so you are able to know all the information of your controlled users.

Watch the Help tutorial ( to help you how to configure these apps easily.

This app is perfect for elder people with Alzheimer, old grandfather, for young kids, for your family, for your friends... to control mobile cell-phones, for your truck or taxi company, to find out the position where you parked the car...

It is great also if you, or your kid, or grandpa or any friend looses their device. You will be able to track it and have it back to you. So it works very well for an anti theft.

It uses the GPS and the Network Location of the mobile cell-phone.

Do not hesitate to ask any information you need at
I will be pleased to help you and your family with this Family GPS Finder.

This Software has been developed for you, so ask for any suggestions if you have them.

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Locator (Corcanoe Tracker) APK - v1.20

Updated: 2016-01-14

What's new

Bugs fixed.
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