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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesApplication to store and manage locations and navigate to them.


With this application you can save all the places you want. Locater allows you to save the position where you are or find one on the map.

Optimized for phones, tablets and car screens with landscape system.

You can save your current location quickly and easily. The positions will be stored only on your device and so no one will have any access to them.

You may find positions from the browser to add from anywhere.

Then you can select a place of the position list to guide you to the destiny or choose another application-navigator you prefer.

· Pressing the symbol position you will save your current position with a custom icon and description.
· On the position list you will have all your positions you have saved earlier and here, you can choose one to view it or navigate to the appropriate destination.
· To save a new position on the map screen, hold the place you want to save, and press the option "save position".
· In the map screen you can choose between 3 different tracking modes:
    - AUTO MODE: The zoom between your current position and the destination is automatic and positioning map is synchronized by the device compass.
   - SEMI MODE: The zoom is automatic but the map is not oriented according to the compass.
   - MANU MODE: You can set the zoom and the map will be centered on your current position.

· With the search option you can locate any point or address you want to save.
· Options:
   - You can delete the entire list of positions.
   - In Advanced Options you can choose the accuracy level of the GPS or to show the distance to the destination and / or the altitude at which you are.

Locater can use either the "high accuracy" mode or the "energy saving" mode of your device to make the location.
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Locater GO (GPS-WiFi position) APK - v2.3

Updated: 2018-03-17

What's new

V 2.3
Corrections for Android 6.0

V 2.2
Corrections on compass orientation

V 2.0
New icons available

Satellite Map

New visualization options
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