LiveClass - Professional Whiteboard. Blackboard. Lesson planner. Broadcast app.



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Author's NotesLiveClass - Professional Whiteboard. Blackboard. Lesson planner. Broadcast app.


All items used in a lesson such as pen, paper, images, documents and even your own thoughts, we will refer to as Lesson Materials. LiveClass brings together all your lesson materials in once space and we make it easily accessible and presentable.
At this point in time, LiveClass is designed as a platform that will be presented over any of the available conferencing applications such as Meet, Zoom and Teams which allows screen sharing via android.

Simply open a presentation with your students or attendees, screen share LiveClass and start teaching. It's simple!!

Before you begin a lesson, create a lesson name and add your lesson materials to the lesson. Images, PDFS, and documents converted to PDFs can all be added. LiveClass processes these and maximises the screen so you see the full image.
Start the lesson and you can add your materials to the lesson at the appropriate time and annotate ( write over the images and content )
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LiveClass APK - v1.10

Updated: 2020-07-31

1.10 (10)2020-07-31
1.9 (9)2020-07-21
1.8 (8)2020-07-15
1.7 (7)2020-07-10
1.5 (5)2020-07-08
1.4 (4)2020-07-06
1.3 (3)2020-07-04


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