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OS RequireAndroid 7.x - Nougat
Author's Notes4D parallax & live 3D/HD wallpapers + ringtones. Make your phone unique for free


🔷New: Use your own 3D Photos & Videos as a Live Wallpaper!🔷
From 4K AMOLED & Funny Characters to Loops & Space, find the coolest 3D Live Wallpaper - Animated Background, or any Epic 4D Video wallpaper offered by GRUBL, and decorate your Home screen & Lock screen with Different Live Wallpapers at the same time! 1 for your HOME screen, 1 for your LOCK screen!

🔔🔔Enjoy popular & funny ringtones, alarms & notifications. 🔔🔔
Hundreds of free sounds are now available for you to change the way your phone rings!
You can even set different ringtones for each contact!

GRUBL is the only app that can apply 2 Different Live Wallpapers for lock screen and home screen, without ANY modifications. NO custom lock screen is needed to replace your default lock-screen!

ℹ️For the Double mode to work, your device must support live wallpapers for lock screen and home screen. If your device supports only home screen live wallpapers, you can still use the app as any other live wallpaper.

Enjoy popular & Epic 4D Parallax wallpapers HD, like Loops & Space backgrounds, Anime, Funny Characters Wallpapers, 4K AMOLED Backgrounds, Live Wallpapers for gamers, Video Wallpapers, and many more cool backgrounds, but save your battery.

With GRUBL, your phone will become the eye-catching conversation starter, transforming your screen into an Epic 3D moving entertainment experience with outstanding effects.

You will get new Live wallpapers every week, with realistic effects, preview for each theme (even for 4D), and adjustments for each background independently.

🔷Enable the auto-changer to randomly pick a 3D live wallpaper for your lock screen or home screen, each time your screen goes on, every 6 hours, or on a daily basis.

🔷Search GRUBL for your favourite live wallpaper by color.
Use color-search to create the ultimate personal look for your phone, choose the coolest live wallpaper, based on your favourite colors.

🔷AMOLED true color
Get the most out of your AMOLED screen, with specially designed mind blowing AMOLED 3D wallpapers that move -- specially see Space & Characters Live Wallpapers.

🔷True Depth 4D Effect
Real Characters become alive with this cool animated Wallpaper.
4D wallpapers for lock screen, wallpapers for gamers, epic superheroes like Thanos 3D, movies scenes, Funny Characters, and really exploding 4D Space wallpapers, they are ready to pop-out of your screen!

🔷Video Wallpapers & Cinemagraphs
Experience a real motion effect in 4D, with animated 3D wallpapers combined with visual effects layers like Snow, Rain, Fire effects, Smoke, Stormy themes like Godzilla, various moving backgrounds, and many more animated video wallpapers.

🔷18 Premium categories - 1000+ cool backgrounds.
Enjoy popular animated wallpapers from categories like VFX, AMOLED, Nature - Animals, Anime 3D live wallpapers, beautiful Space & Planets Wallpapers, inspirational quotes, Live Characters Wallpapers in 4D, and many more.

🔷Continuously updated
You will find new cool backgrounds to decorate your screen almost every week.
GRUBL will notify you on this.

🔷Device friendly
With the battery consumption varying between 0.5% and 2% you will see no difference on your phone's daily usage.
GRUBL is designed to be very lightweight and battery friendly, and completely stops when the screen goes off. Video wallpapers may use a little more of your battery.

Every live wallpaper is designed and auto-adjusted to fit any aspect ratio, including Ultra wide screens, and tested with the most popular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus , Xiaomi, Huawei etc.

Make each time you check your phone a real pleasure!

🔷GRUBL - Get this Epic 4K Live wallpapers & ringtones collection now.🔷
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Live Wallpapers 4Κ & Backgrounds 3D/HD : GRUBL™ APK - v2.8.1

Updated: 2021-03-12

What's new

🔥Improvements, Bugs fixes 🔥
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