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Author's Notes30 Days Challenge to build a daily meditation habit, start now 🔥


Start a 30 days Challenge to boost your self-confidence and build indomitable self-esteem.

Each day, discover a new session to rewire your brain and reset your habits.

** Day 1: Mental Toughness
The most popular training in Fabulous Sphere: strengthen your mindset and create an indomitable resolve using the same visualizations and meditations employed by elite athletes.

** Day 2: The Mind Bus
A scientifically proven session to help you extinguish your mental hijackers. Get rid of the stressful thoughts that become an obstacle between you and a fulfilling life.

** Day 3: Uplifting Fabulous
Feeling down? Let Fabulous lift you up again! Based on resilience studies, you will go through all 5 stages of remission and feel the energy flow through your spirit once more.

And 27 other challenges.
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