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OS Require4.4 and up
Author's NotesLip art 2-lipstick challenge is a casual game!


Lip art 2-lipstick challenge is a casual game!
Lip Art 2-Lipstick Challenge creates a female lipstick coloring simulation game for you. Every fashionable woman in modern cities who doesn't wear lipstick, the more beautiful she is dressed, the more beautiful she is painted. Now there are many lipstick styles on-line, which meet the needs of all kinds of professional workers. Whether you are at home or at work, lipstick is a necessary object for you to go out, playing the role of dragon painting point Eye of the important new, can let you glow!
Lip art 2-lipstick challenge features:
1. Very exquisite 3D painting style exquisite simulation game, the nature of lipstick girls, but can paint good-looking that is on the one hand;
2. Meet all your vanity here. There are all kinds of lipsticks. You can unlock more new lipsticks after completing the challenge;
3. Walk in the forefront of the times, become the queen of fashion, who said men don't need lipstick, lipstick as applicable to men, but also add color!
How to play lip art 2-lipstick challenge:
1. It's a real challenge to paint lipstick. Different mouth shapes have different drawing methods. You can go out if you paint them with beautiful colors;
2. There are also professional competition items, you can sign up to participate, use your artistic vision to look at this matter, and complete the challenge;
3. Take photos of the finished works, and then share the circle of friends. Let your friends comment together to see the effect!
It's a big challenge to apply lipstick. Use your strength to apply lipstick and complete the challenge show. You can try it when you are bored!
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