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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesLight Alarm Clock


Light Alarm Clock will wake you up gently in the most natural way with light and sound.

- One-time and repeated alarms
- Main alarm sound
- Vibration during main alarm sound
- Pre-alarm sound, that starts before main alarm sound and plays music with increasing volume
- Screen light with increasing brightness. You can choose color of light or set an image instead of color.
- LED camera light
- You can choose multiple tracks for alarm sounds, every time the alarm starts, next track will be played.
- A few options for dismiss/snooze functionality
- Next alarm time widget

All parameters of an alarm can be turned on/off and tuned to suit your needs.

How the application works:

Time that you set for every alarm is the time at which main alarm sound starts. Vibration also starts at this time, if corresponding option is set.

For "pre-alarm sound", "screen light" and "flash light" you specify time intervals, that mean that this action starts N minutes (specified interval) before main alarm time. For example, if alarm is set for 8:00 and screen light is enabled with interval set to 30 minutes, than screen light starts at 7:30 and main alarm begins to play at 8:00.

If battery level is lower than specified in the app's settings, then pre-alarm sound and screen light won't be turned on until main alarm time. You can disable this behaviour in the settings.
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Light Alarm Clock APK - v1.53

Updated: 2019-12-14

What's new

Updated alarm screen design. Small improvements and bug fixes.
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