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Discover the best peer-to-peer lending platform. Lend and borrow digitally in minutes. There is no need to go to a bank or risk going to a payday loan shop. With Lenme, you can borrow in minutes with no hidden fees.

Are you someone that is looking to make some money? Lenme connects you directly with borrowers, we manage the lending and make it simple for you.

Want to be equipped with the same tools and data professional lenders have at their disposal? Lenme provides you with the credit score, borrower’s history, banking data, and supports the process of lending all via the app.

As an investor, you can:
- Diversify your portfolio in a market with low volatility.
- Easily select investments that suit the level of risk you’re comfortable with.
- Enjoy withdrawing your earnings at no cost.
- Get all the data you need.

As a borrower, for as low as $0.99 a month you can get access to:
- Loans up to $5,000.
- Immediate offers from over 7,000 lenders and lending businesses.
- Funds directly transferred to your bank account next day.
- Competitive interest rate.
- Automated Payment service.
- Hassle-Free borrowing.

Lenme is a lending platform that connects people looking to borrow money with financial institutions, lending businesses and individual investors looking to invest in the small amount loan market. Users remain completely anonymous throughout the entire borrowing/lending process. For transparency and to encourage a fair and competitive market, the “feed” tab within the app allows users to see which loans are being funded and at what interest rate.

Lenme offers a monthly/annual subscription through Google Play. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled before the end of the subscription period.

Since our app is not directly involved in the lending decision, we cannot guarantee the interest rate borrowers will be offered. All borrowers have the option to request a loan on our platform for up to 12 month repayment period, paid in installments. Lenders can offer loans for a minimum of 3% APR based on the credit score and their own criteria. The lending decision is based on multiple factors viewable on our app, including credit, income, and cash flow analysis.

A representative example of the total cost of the loan, including all applicable fees: If you borrow $1,000 over a term of 1 year with an APR of 12% and an origination fee of 1%, you will pay $89.75 per month. The total amount payable will be $1,076.96, with total interest and fees of $76.96.
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Lenme: Smarter Lending, Easier Borrowing APK - v4.5.1

Updated: 2021-01-26

What's new

Get one month free trial when you subscribe to LenmePredict. We regularly make updates to ensure the best possible user experience. Here are a few of the latest features and enhancements:

1- Just launched LenmePredict monthly and annual subscription to help you save and improve your return.
2- We made some improvements to the loan request.
3- Other bug fixes that you may not experience.

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4.5.1 (15146150)2021-01-26
4.4.4 (15146145)2020-12-21
4.4.3 (15146143)2020-12-03
4.4.1 (15146140)2020-11-01
4.4.0 (1048986)2020-10-14
4.3.2 (1048981)2020-10-11
4.3.2 (3146133)2020-10-02
4.3.1 (3146132)2020-09-03
4.3.0 (1048978)2020-08-18
4.2.0 (2097553)2020-07-16
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