Rating4.3 ★ / 5
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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesBash away a barrage of asteroids using rapid taps and your powered-up pompadour!


The 1.2 update brings a lot of changes and improvements to Lee vs the Asteroids! Several new power-ups and upgrades are waiting for you to try. Best of all, you can now pet the dog!!

Ever find yourself fantasizing about saving the World from massive asteroids shaped like sharks and candy using nothing but your hair? Of course you have!

Introducing the new 2D side-scrolling pixel art clicker game from 8BitBite: LEE VS THE ASTEROIDS!

Gobs, heaps even, of asteroids for you to send *BANG* *ZOOM* straight to the moon!

๏ PUMMEL the barrage of wacky space boulders with rapid taps and strategic attacks
๏ ACQUIRE new skills as you help rebuild Rubble City
๏ DISCOVER the mystery behind the asteroids
๏ UPGRADE Lee's asteroid-crushing abilities
๏ SMASH your way to new areas
๏ UNLOCK new difficult challenges after completing the story
๏ READ these exciting and enticing bullet points

Saving the World has never been this much fun...or stylish!

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THANK YOU for playing!!
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Lee vs the Asteroids APK - v1.2

Updated: 2020-04-20

What's new

-Compete for High Scores on the Leaderboards!
-Multi-tap is implemented! Use all your digits to blast away those asteroids
-Peg and Carlo's shops are now unlockable!
-Several new power-ups including Homing Missiles and Rage!!
-Improvements to old gameplay mechanics
-New BGM track by Gerald (Tekkaxe) Kaye
-Most importantly - you can now pet the dog!!!
-Read more about the 1.2 update here:
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5★ 426
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2★ 21
1 ★ 55
1.2 (55)2020-04-20
1.1.9 (52)2019-12-08
1.1.8 (51)2019-10-28
1.1.7 (50)2019-10-25
1.1.6 (49)2019-07-17
1.1.3 (47)2018-12-18
1.1.2 (46)2018-12-17
1.1.1 (45)2018-11-05
1.1.0 (44)2018-10-20
1.0.6 (22)2018-09-21
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