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Author's NotesThis is a App for learning Quran.


This is a App for learning Quran. The object of the App is to help my

Bengali speaking muslim brother and sister all over the world to learn

Quran easily, correctly and in a very short time.

There is Bengali pronounciation in every alfabate, word and

ayet (sentence).

There is 27 chapter in this apps. There is exam after every chapter. It is

considered that it will take only one hour to read a chapter.

The unique speciallity of this app is its voice. There is voice in every

alfabate, word and sentence. These voice was collected from Hafez

Quari shaheb. Inshaallah it will help a lot for a Quran Learner.
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Learn Bangla Quran In 27 Hours APK - v2.24

Updated: 2020-11-03

What's new

- Colorful page
- Improve sound
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2.24 (35)2020-11-03
2.23 (34)2020-10-16
2.22 (33)2020-09-21
2.21 (32)2020-09-17
2.20 (31)2020-06-08
2.19 (30)2020-05-23
2.18 (29)2020-04-09
2.17 (28)2020-04-02
2.16 (27)2019-12-02
2.15 (26)2019-10-26
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