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Author's Notes“Learn Colors for Toddlers, Kids” is an engaging educational game for preschoolers. With the help of colours games kindergarteners can...




“Learn Colors for Toddlers, Kids” is an engaging educational game for preschoolers. With the help of colours games kindergarteners can easily learn colors toddler free, get to know a lot of new things about the surrounding world, develop various mental activities and spend time with fun and benefit.
Main features of our color games:
1) Learning colours - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, gray, pink.
2) The colors games for kids will enrich your child’s vocabulary and broaden horizon because there are many words and objects of the world that your baby might not yet know. The colours games for kids will show your toddler the connection between different objects and their colors for kids.
3) There are five interesting mini learning games for kids in the baby learning apps. These baby color games are aimed to teach and fix the received knowledge of the colors for toddlers.
4) Learning colours games for kids are available in 18 languages - English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Dutch and others. All the colors for children and objects are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. It guarantees that your child will learn colors name correctly. After the colors for babies are learnt in the native language, the kid can do color study in foreign languages. Such learning colors for kids free will be useful in the future study of languages in the kindergarten or at school.
5) The learning colours games for kids train fine motor skills and develop memory, attention, perseverance, logic, ingenuity.
6) You can download our color games for toddlers for free. Our children learning free apps save your family budget and give you educational games for kindergarteners of high quality.
Our learn colors games can be recommended as:
- learning games for toddlers age 2;
- learning games for toddlers age 3;
- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid.
How to play our baby colour games:
Our color games for babies have been developed in the tight cooperation with children illustrators and pedagogues, that’s why it has a very clear, simple and intuitive interface very easy to deal with even for the youngest children. We would like to say more about the mini educational games for kids kindergarten that are included in the color games for kids free:
1) After starting the educational games for kids nursery and choosing the desired language of learning colors for toddlers free it’s more logic to begin with the parrot icon. Here your baby will see basic colors appearing by turn accompanied by three items painted these preschool colors. For example, the red color is explained with the help of a heart, a strawberry and a tomato. Your baby sees colors for kids learn, listens to their names in the chosen language and tries to remember.
2) Now we play colors in order to fix the knowledge. Let’s click the icon with brush and play some baby coloring games. There are three frames of different colors and a square of a certain color. The task in the baby learning games is to put the square in the frame of the same color.
3) Continue fixing the knowledge and play some matching color games for kids clicking the lemon icon. On the screen of your smartphone your baby sees a circle painted in one of the learnt colors and three items below it. The kid should guess what item correlates with the paint in the circle. If the answer is right, there is a word of appraise heard in the paint and color games for kids free as well as a green smile.
4) Colors play behind the box icon. There are three boxes painted in three colors. Objects appear one by one and the child should put them in the box of the corresponding color.
5) And here comes the last mini game aimed to check and consolidate the knowledge of freshly learnt colors and objects. Behind the window icon there is a room where all the studied items are gathered. Clicking each item the baby hears the name of the object and its color.
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