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Are you a landlord, management agent or tenant?

Protect your rent bond, or home, against future disputes with the Rent Protector...

The Rent Protector is professional help for landlords, agents and tenants which saves time, money and potential disputes by recording condition reports that everyone can agree to.

With professional, pre-loaded, editable questions helping you report on conditions, anyone can complete their own home inspection. The Rent Protector allows comments and photos to be added to your inspection for an indisputable future record. Your final inspection is generated into a professional PDF document which can be sent to all parties.

Buy once, and pay nothing extra no matter how many inspections you make.

Many tenants and landlords may not realise the value of doing a home inspection before a new rental lease is activated. For a tenant, the Rent Protector can ensure they receive their bond back at the end of the tenancy by allowing the tenant to return the home in the state they received it. For a landlord, it can give piece of mind and save future disputes by recording the condition of the property and providing the information to the tenant in order to agree the condition.

The Rent Protector enables the landlord/agent/tenant to do their own condition report record of the property rather than leaving it in the hands of the other party or an agent.

Highlight features: -

* Professional questions aimed at uncovering issues
* Question help text to provide extra clarification and insight
* Ability to edit the back end settings and questions
* Inventory capture
* Easy to use interface
* Works off-line
* Immediately saves input
* Can capture multiple photos and detailed comments against areas or inventory
* Detailed PDF document generation, including summary and signature pages, as well as linkage to photo indexes
* Links to Google Maps for easy address lookup
* Customisable PDF output, including splash graphics and headers
* Ability to clone/copy existing reviews

Don’t rely on someone else to be on your side when it comes to protecting your bond or your property. Inspect your home yourself like a professional and share your
documented inspection until its time to hand back the keys.

By installing this application, you are complying with the End User Licence Agreement (EULA), which can be accessed at the following location: -

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What's new

Squished a few bugs
Added PDF option to force images to landscape or to auto-rotate
Fixed a crash during generation of PDF
Added auto-flash for native camera + added support for condensed review
Added camera functionality for Google Nexus 7
Fixed minor alignment issue in PDF
Added optional native camera to speed up workflow
- PDF sorts by summary/question
- Ability to clear (non-destructive) as well as delete photos from in app
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