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Louisiana Digital Driver's License

The app will allow you to keep a digital representation of your current Louisiana-issued state ID or driver's license. The app will generate a unique image that is 100% Legal for driving purposes per Louisiana law of Act 625 of the 2016 session and approved by the Louisiana ATC for age-restricted purchases at various local restaurants, bars, and retail outlets. Once a user activates their current, valid license in LA Wallet, the digital driver’s license is valid for the life of the user’s current identity credential issuance. When the user’s physical license expires, they must renew their license with the OMV or through the LA Wallet app, if eligible. Additionally, LA Wallet offers the paid service VerifyYou™ Pro, an age-verification tool that helps keep businesses ATC compliant when offering home delivery of age-restricted goods.

LA Wallet APK - v1.10.1

: 2020-09-07

The newest LA Wallet update expands functionality of VerifyYou™, the innovative identity verification system, with VerifyYou™ Remote. VerifyYou™ Remote offers businesses and organizations a secure option for remotely verifying an individual’s identity using their state-issued credential. The system generates a unique code through LA Wallet and the individual is prompted to verify their identity with the code or dismiss the verification request.

1.10.1 (9376)2020-09-07
1.9.32 (6301)2020-05-23
1.9.15 (5133)2020-04-03
1.8 (583)2019-08-05
1.7 (551)2019-07-03
1.7 (548)2019-06-30
1.6 (493)2019-04-18
1.5 (422)2019-01-04
1.5 (418)2019-01-03
1.3 (302)2018-08-21