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Have you ever had that “I need it NOW” feeling with a specific goodie or snack? Looked up from your computer and realized it’s 1:00pm and you need a quick lunch before your next meeting? Left work after a long day and thought “What the heck am I going to do for dinner?” Or woke up with a raging head ache or cold, vowing not to step foot outside the house but you need medicine. These moments are total dilemmas and the struggle is REAL!

Welcome to Kroger Rush. This service offers a limited catalog of “need it now” items and meal solutions delivered to your door in AS LITTLE AS 30 minutes! No more forgetting to eat lunch, leaving the party because you’re out of something, panicking when you have nothing planned for dinner, or leaving your house when you just don’t want to.

We help you slay your day by offering:


Choose between ready-to-heat options that you can dive into the moment it arrives, ready-to-heat options that just need a little effort before serving up, or meal kits where we took care of the prep work - you just have to cook it (and everyone thinks you're AMAZING because of how could you do it all!).


Talk about goodies. Choose from an array of snacks, drinks (alcohol delivery available in select locations), meat, dairy, produce, and pantry essentials (like ranch dressing…it’s a sad day when it runs out and you have none!)


Responsibilities are shifty little ninjas and they come packaged in little-bitty-baby-humans, furry friends with wet kisses, or a nice little 3 bedroom 2 bath house on the corner. Whatever else you have to take care of, we got you!

For a flat $5.95 delivery fee, Kroger Rush can help you champion your day with a delivery at your door in as little as 30 minutes.
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Kroger Rush APK - v2.19.1

Updated: 2020-03-15

What's new

Want to get your need-it-now items delivered while you tackle the 300 billion other things you need to do? If you said “yes”, Rush was built for you! We want you to live the dream so make sure you have the latest update which includes:

Better Category Navigation
Items You May Like
Bugs Fixes
Performance Improvements
Just. For. YOU!
Keep the feedback coming! We love hearing from you.
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