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Author's NotesRequest your paycheck when you need it & enjoy an early payday with no interest


Request your paycheck and get money when you really need it with Klover, the app that gives you the financial freedom to get your paychecks in advance. Whether you need money a little earlier to cover you or you’re worried about meeting a certain payment deadline, we’re here to help you get on top of your finances with a cash advance.

Don’t wait until payday to get paid and manage your finances - Why you’ll love using Klover to get your paychecks earlier:

• Get money when you need it.
• Never run short with a cash advance.
• No credit check.
• No lines.
• No paperwork.
• No stress about interest or debt.
• This is the end of overdraft.

Request paychecks and get paid with our innovative tools to help you stay financially stable. We’ll give you your cash advance so you get money when you need it. That means no more stress about meeting a payment deadline or any other financial issues. Plus, we’ll protect you from credit card debt, predatory payday lending, and overdraft fees. Signing up is simple and does not require complicated paperwork or credit checks.

We’re systematically leveling the playing field by giving low-cost access to modern financial services. How do we do it? We unlock these products and services by transparently leveraging a valuable asset, your permissioned data. Our customers get it and have already saved hundreds of dollars a year by using Klover to help with their everyday finances.

You don’t need to wait for payday, especially if you’re trying to meet a strict payment deadline. Get paid your paycheck when you want without having to worry about interest rates or going into your overdraft.


1. Sign up in seconds - Simply tell us a little about you, link your bank account, and verify your paycheck. We will never check your credit.
2. Data opt-in - Your data is your asset. Opt-in to our Truth in Data agreement, and begin using Klover's suite of financial products.
3. Fast access to cash and tools - Your account gives you tools to improve your finances and access cash whenever you need it. No questions asked.

Get money when you need it thanks to an early payday - it’s as simple as that. From wanting to hit a payment deadline to simply getting your finances organized, download Klover today to request your paychecks when you need them without dipping into your overdraft.


“The entire process start to finish was incredibly easy and straightforward. It also only took a few minutes to fill everything out. They’re up front about everything and are really quick to respond if you have any questions. A great service!”

Mitch M.
Columbus, Ohio

"On one occasion I needed to get my dad a ride in the middle of the night. I had just paid bills, so I didn’t have the money. Well Klover came through with an instant boost and he made it to the hospital. It turned out to be something minor, but what a relief. Thank you Klover!"

Will L.
Oakland, California

Klover uses the highest bank-level standards for encrypting all of your information. We never share your personal data.

Klover Personal Financial Management Hub
- Track your monthly spending by category
- Analyze your cashflow with our "money in - money out" tool

Receipt Rewards
- Upload your receipts for cash

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.

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Klover: Get an early payday with no added interest APK - v2.6.6

Updated: 2020-10-28

What's new

- Bug fixes and performance improvements
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2.6.6 (65)2020-10-28
2.6.5 (64)2020-10-19
2.6.4 (63)2020-10-12
2.6.3 (62)2020-10-08
2.6.2 (61)2020-10-04
2.6.1 (60)2020-10-02
2.5.6 (58)2020-09-22
2.5.5 (57)2020-09-18
2.5.4 (56)2020-09-16
2.5.3 (55)2020-09-12
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