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Author's NotesOcean bubbles pop is an interactive learning game for children of kindergarten age. Challenging and exciting, it will come in...




Ocean bubbles pop is an interactive learning game for children of kindergarten age. Challenging and exciting, it will come in handy every time when mom and dad need the kids to play on their own. Bright and colorful, the ocean world and its inhabitants will capture interest of the young player for a while. Besides arising curiosity and bringing a lot of fun, the game helps develop your toddler's fine motor skills.

- Beautifully designed, exciting and colorful ocean world;
- 12 fish and animal characters: starfish, sea horse, octopus, jellyfish, turtle, shark, crab, flatfish, whale, pink, green and yellow fish;
- Difficulty levels distinguished by number of bubbles present on the screen at a time, their speed and durability;
- Nice and light music, ocean sounds and water splashing instill a marine atmosphere;
- The win-win game strategy: your kid will never get sad because of losing the game;
- Popping the bubbles by tapping is not only fun, but improves fine motor skills of the preschool player;

The main screen of the game features buttons for various settings: turning the sounds and vibration on/off, and the no-ads button. The background behind the controls is a scene of sea inhabitants cheerfully swimming in the ocean and then suddenly getting trapped into tricky bubbles that come somewhere from the sea bottom. Hurry up and push the play button to save the fish before they fly out of the sea!

The game brings the young lifeguard to the ocean surface. The waves run back and forth calmly, the blue sky is adorned with fluffy white clouds. But what's that? Trapped inside a bubble, a fish suddenly appears above the water and slowly raises up to the sky. The poor thing is sad, scared and crying, and it needs the child's help!

Tap the bubble to pop it and let loose the fish, which will happily plunge back into the water with a smile and funny splashing sounds. Tap free every ocean inhabitant that appears above the water, make the sea animals joyful again!

After a dozen or so successfully popped bubbles, the child proceeds to the next level, with more trapped sea animals present on the screen at a time and bubbles elevating to the sky quicker. Cope with these and you will meet a new challenge: the double-wall bubbles, which need to be tapped twice.

Ocean bubbles pop exploits the win-win strategy: your baby won't get disappointed or sad because of losing out. The game is not over after the kid misses a few bubbles and lets them fly beyond the screen area. In fact, the young player can proceed to new levels and set new high-scores by popping as many bubbles as he or she wants to.

Share with your toddler the joyful activity of tapping the bubbles and being the lifeguard of fish and sea animals. When the the young child plays Ocean bubbles pop together with an adult, or even with a brother or sister, the learning potential of the game increases. You can add up to it by teaching the children the names of sea inhabitants and their colors, or by counting together the bubbles you have popped.

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