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Author's NotesImprove behavior one circle at a time


Karmic Circles is a flexible app that allows you to define and track karma (deeds, tasks, chores, behaviors or other actions) and Rewards using a points system for each member. After all, ‘what gets measured gets managed’.

It provides all members of the Circle, the tools to create an environment of accountability, responsibility, positive reinforcement, discipline, and harmonious family dynamics.

Free - the app is completely free allowing unlimited circles, user, deeds, routines, and rewards.

Flexible - Customize Deeds and Rewards or create your own to suit your needs, after all, each family or circle is unique! Combine and create ‘Routines’ as a collection of Deeds for easier habit forming. Schedule Deeds or Rewards for easier tracking and set ‘Reminders’ for Deeds that are due on that day.

User Friendly- Each user can have their own view based on who logs in to that device. Switch flexibly and easily between users through the app. Like a particular photo of yours? Use it as your profile pic.

Break the cycle - whining, nagging, negative reaction. Use the app to improve family dynamics and create positive family interactions.

Versatile - Use it on as many devices as needed ~ there is no limit! The app natively works and syncs across multiple family devices.

Track - Review deed and reward activity history. Oops, made a mistake? You can easily undo activities that were completed in error and see all Deeds and Rewards allotted to date!

Smart Home integration is coming to make it even easier to track deeds and rewards. Proven to give results with simple voice commands so if you need to award deeds hands-free, no problem!
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KarmicCircles: Chores, Routines and Rewards APK - v105

Updated: 2019-11-06

What's new

- select participant on when managing user.
- inform user when marking task for another circle member
- added action sheet for managing deeds and routines.
- improved sign-on page.
- performance improvements
- bug fixes
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