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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesEnjoy thousands of Karaokes completely free


At last you can have on your Smartphone thousands and thousands of karaokes in all languages​​, and all these completely FREE.
With this application you can sing your favorite songs in karaoke mode and then
listen them feeling yourself as a super star.
You can add to your favorites list the songs that you most like to have them accessible at all times.
You can also save your recordings and listen them alone, with your family or with your friends, showing off your great voice.

It is highly recommended that when singing a karaoke you use HEADPHONES in order to record high quality voice.
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Karaoke Mode APK - v1.2.0

Updated: 2020-05-11

What's new

- Searching songs method has been changed.
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1.2.0 (900010)2020-05-11
1.1.8 (900008)2020-04-13
1.1.7 (300007)2019-12-27
1.1.7 (200007)2018-11-17
1.1.6 (200006)2018-11-04
1.1.5 (5)2017-03-10
1.1.4 (4)2016-09-14
1.1.3 (3)2016-01-09
1.1.2 (2)2016-01-09
1.1.1 (1)2016-01-09