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Author's NotesThis app is fun to use! Praise Jehovah!


• Settings > Update Database to update. (Working! See Tips below)
• Fixed a few bugs.

This is an app for English or Chinese speaking people who are learning about Jehovah in the other language. This app lets the user view Watchtower ONLINE Library articles in English and Chinese, while at the same time provides a user learning experience through reading the Bible. Especially helpful for Jehovah's Witnesses.

This app is intended to help language learners. Therefore, please make sure to take full advantage of the other app by Jehovah's Witnesses when studying and preparing for meetings.

• Two-finger tap will maximize English or Chinese view.
• Tap on any Chinese word to see the Pinyin and English definition.
• Add custom definitions which will appear above the Chinese word. If your definition contains a "/", then view will add a separate definition with a "•" symbol. If your definition starts with a "*", then view will not display the pinyin.
• To update the database, go to Settings > Update Database. This will download the English and Chinese article HTML which is from This updates the Daily Text and monthly Watchtower, Awake!, and Meeting Workbook.

• Because the app is new, it probably has many errors. If you are experiencing any issues, would like to request a feature, or have a suggestion, please send me an email.

Coming Soon
• Synchronous scrolling.
• Save your dictionary to AnkiWeb.
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Jehovah Chinese APK - v3.0.2

Updated: 2018-05-23


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