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Author's Notes"Just Quote It!" is ready to inspire you every day.


Smart and carefully designed, "Just Quote It!" it's the perfect app for those who are searching for a daily inspiration right on their device. Thousands of phrases and thoughts, selected one by one, are waiting for you to be shared and loved.


3 different sources for your quotes:
- Famous quotes (Poets, scientists, artists and so on. Like Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Eminem and Dalai Lama)
- Movies & TV Series (Phrases and sayings that left the mark, think about Pulp Fiction and Fight Club for example)
- Songs (Best "Lyrics" and verses from the world of music like Rap and Rock)


A modern and attractive design made for giving you the best sensations during the reading of the quotes. We've selected the best gradients for you, so you can share some gorgeous images on your social networks. With a simple swipe you'll be able to change the background and personalize the quotes.

"Do something wonderful, people may imitate it."

Albert Schweitzer
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Just Quote It! - Get inspired everyday APK - v1.0.2

Updated: 2019-09-30

1.0.2 (3)2019-09-30