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This application uses internet traffic, make sure you are connected to wi-fi.
Using the application through 3G / 4G mobile internet or roaming may incur additional costs.
To listen to JurnalFM (audio player) in standby / locked screen, disconnect battery optimization for JurnalFM application.

"Jurnal FM" is a radio station in the Republic of Moldova with an informative-musical format. Reflecting the daily events correctly and undistorted, works in the interest of the public, facilitating their understanding of the reality.
"Jurnal FM" first of all works as a promoter of moral, cultural and educational values.
Radio station "Jurnal FM" has a musical-informative character open to the broad audience. The grid of programs includes news, complex themed shows, debates, cultural shows, entertainment, interactive sports and music programs. As of music are combines oldies with modern songs.

"Jurnal FM" broadcasts daily news at exact times.

"Jurnal FM" is broadcasting best musical creations from the Republic of Moldova and Romania, with a minimum of 50% local product.
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JurnalFM APK - v13.9

Updated: 2020-09-18

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