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Little animals are looking for barber for new hair style for summer

Jungle is most popular thing on earth. Some jungle animals like Camel, kitty, cat, goat, horse, lion and sheep wants to go to Zoo. So these animal needs beauty treatments. Try a fresh makeover to jungle animals. First clean and then design creative and unique hairstyles, do lovely dress up to pet animals. Your goal is to make them look cute and beautiful.

This Animal Hair Salon game lets you to do barber activities not only with jungle animals but also the pet animals.Camel, kitty, cat, goat, horse, lion, sheep are waiting at your hair salon. Welcome jungle animals and change how they look every day! Make soft, silky, smooth and shiny hair along with matching new fashion clothes!

Sheep is so woolly and soft. But due to summer she wants to be shaved off. She wants to get ready for the summer! if she is dirty then she needs shower. Complete the new summer looks by doing dress up to sheep!

Horse baby can’t go outside in dirty condition. Wash little horse so he can play again in mud.

Young Lion has a party to attend but his beard and hair are very dirty and ruff! Give lion a lovely Bath with good soap wash, shampoo and shaving soap. Do comb and strong hairspray on the beard and the hairs. Lion needs dress up, find him a perfect party suit!

Give cute camel baby Lovely Bath, Wash with shampoo make bubbly Washroom, after that cut the hairs. Set the hairs with comb and make new hair style. Cute camel is looking for most stylish jungle clothes!

Lovely kitty cat wants her favorite day spa treatments! Give your kitty pet buble bath, wash and cut her long hairy form body. Choose from super cute clothes and use different band, beg and create a new super cute look for kitty cat!

Goat needs fresh look are eating grass. Wash this adorable newborn goat with bubble soap then dress up to create a new look for Zoo!

Jungle Animal Hair Salon APK - v1.0

: 2019-04-26

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