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Size23.64 MB
OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesApp for Ag operators to receive work instructions and report back to manager


The John Deere MyJobs App is designed for operators in order to be able to receive clear work instructions from their managers and report back work details to the office. Whether operators are working in- or outside the cab they stay connected to their latest set of work instructions. By reporting back a detailed job status (Start, Pause, Resume) as well as answering job related questions the need for phone calls is drastically being reduced and an understandable and transparent work documentation is being delivered. Users with an enabled account can receive work instructions, visualized field location & shape, view job details and get directions to the field. These features ensure the job gets done in the right place, at the right time, with the proper machine settings.
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John Deere MyJobs APK - v3.3.2

Updated: 2020-08-15

What's new

We're improving the performance and stability of MyJobs continuously. This version includes fixes for smaller bugs.
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3.3.2 (89)2020-08-15
3.3.0 (86)2020-03-22
3.2.0 (84)2020-03-11
3.1.0 (81)2020-02-11
3.0.0 (71)2019-10-26
2.10.0 (64)2019-08-16
2.9.2 (62)2019-08-08
2.8.5 (57)2019-06-20
2.8.3 (51)2019-03-18
2.8.0 (40)2018-11-29
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