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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesVibrating app. Turns your device into a vibrator massage. Vibrate & relax.


This terrific and popular pleasure producing app, can be used as an intense vibrator for any vibrator purpose. Try relaxing the body, self massage or strong phone vibrator.
This is a vibrating app. It uses the phone's vibration function to simulate a massage device. Vibrate app used for relaxing only. Strength depends on your device motor.
Can produce a relaxing and full body vibrator massage.

G-Vibe Features:

- vibrator with 10 modes of different settings
- vibrator always works great and until you stop it
- Turn on/off your vibrator on demand
- Intense and strong relaxing massager and vibrator

- 10 settings to choose from 
- Full Speed Vibration
- Random Vibration
- Slow Pulse Massager
- Medium Pulse Massager
- Slow to Fast Vibrate
- HeartBeat Vibration
- Bouncing Ball Vibrate 
- Reverse Ball Vibrate
- Drummer Pattern
- Lock Feature
- Password Protection Feature
- Screen Brightness

The strength and intensity of the vibrator you experience relies on the vibration motor of your phone!

Vibrator Massage GVibe is the strong vibrating massager android version of the popular iOS vibrating massage app, "Vibrator Massager iVibe: Vibrate, Massage, Soothe". With over 2M downloads on iOS, we now bring this popular vibrator to android users. Users can experience the same intense massage other platforms have been experiencing for years. The vibrate comes from the vibration your phone puts out and turns it into a personal massage vibrating vibrator. G-Vibe is a massage vibrator that allows you choose your own vibration from 10 built in vibrator settings.  It's the perfect massage vibrator for relaxing, soothing yourself to sleep and massaging your body or neck. 

Over 2M Downloads on iOS. 
Get your G-Vibe Today!
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Vibrator Massage GVibe: Strong Vibrating Massager APK - v1.22

Updated: 2021-01-24

What's new

Improvement to Full Speed vibrational functionality.
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1.22 (27)2021-01-24
1.21 (26)2020-09-03
1.20 (25)2020-08-24
1.19 (23)2020-07-09
1.6 (9)2017-07-21
1.5 (7)2017-06-06
1.3 (5)2017-02-27
1.2 (3)2016-01-07