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The "iOweather - The Weather Forecast, weather radar and weather widgets" is a free, intuitive weather application that can provide you with up to 120 hours of reliable weather forecasts anywhere in the world (real-time, hourly, and daily).

✔️ Main features of the Weather Forecast app "iOweather"

⛅ Weather details and summary of weather information:

◾ The lowest temperature, the highest temperature of the day.
◾ Sunrise and sunset time.
◾ Date, time and clock and weather information.
◾ Wind direction and speed.
◾ Current weather label, hourly weather label, daily weather label.
◾ Detailed weather information of weather: pressure, overcast cloudiness, humidity, possibility of rain (risk of rain), dew point, UV index (ultraviolet index).

🌞 Weather forecasts hourly :

◾ The application provides 120-hour weather forecasts, hourly per hour at a glance, in each time section you will find practical weather information such as: pressure, coverage cloudy, humidity, risk of rain, dew point, UV index (ultraviolet index), sunrise and sunset, speed and direction of the wind.

⛈️ Weather Weekly :

◾ Detailed weather weekly, with the following useful information, such as hourly weather forecast.

☂ Weather Radar :

◾ Weather radar that helps you know the weather conditions, rain, storms, hurricane tracking...

📲 Weather Widgets :

◾ To view the weather forecast on the main screen, we have two weather widgets, their sizes are different, and they can be customized by the geographic location obtained by ip adress.

⚠️ Weather Notifications :

◾ Receive alarm weather notifications on your device. Information from the additional information will be automatically displayed in the app.
◾ Choose the time to display the weather notification.

📍 Weather Locations :

◾ Activate or deactivate the current location.
◾ You can add the number of slots you want (Seoul, Berlin, Paris, Ottawa, etc.) to display the weather forecast.
◾ Click the location icon to activate the feature search location of the weather.

⚡ Weather unit Settings :

◾ Precipitation (mm, inch).
◾ Wind speed (km / h, m / h, m / s, knot).
◾ Pressure (inHg, hPa, mbar ).
◾ Units: temperature (C / F).
◾ Time format (12h / 24h).

Download "iOweather - Weather forecast, Radar and widgets" Now you can get accurate weather forecasts on your smartphone or tablet, and easily plan your weekends or holidays, and be prepared for rain or heavy rain with an easy-to-use weather app.
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iOweather - Weather Forecast, Radar and Widgets APK - v1.0.3

Updated: 2021-03-14

1.0.3 (7)2021-03-14
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