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Author's NotesIoT Security is able to scan Internet of Things devices connected to a local area network, and detect vulnerabilities and...




IoT Security is able to scan Internet of Things devices connected to a local area network, and detect vulnerabilities and weak password problems in these devices, including router and web camera. When it detects a vulnerability, IoT Security will immediately fix it, and for high-risk vulnerabilities, IoT Security will inject daemon process to secure the IoT devices. For weak password problems and other problems which can only be fixed manually, IoT Security will provide tips for users to fix manually.

IoT Security also shows the devices which are currently connected to users’ WiFi, so as to help users find out Wi-Fi squatters. Besides, IoT Security can also provide security index, signal and network speed measurement to help users know better of their network conditions.

In the future, IoT Security will have more powerful functions. It will be able to detect more Internet of Things devices, including smart TV, floor mopping robot and intelligent washer and other smart home devices. IoT Security will help users discover and eliminate vulnerability threats to create a secure smart home environment.

The threats brought by vulnerabilities in IoT devices.
1. It may result in privacy disclosure. For instance, attackers might take full control of a web camera by exploiting the vulnerabilities in it and keep watch on victims’ every behavior. 2. IoT devices might be damaged and become mal-functional when attacked. 3. Attackers may take advantage of the devices having vulnerabilities and launch second attack against other devices. 4. Users’ payment ID might be stolen due to the vulnerabilities, leading to money loss. 5. The attacked devices might be controlled by the attackers, with their computing resources being occupied and used to create botnet.

Currently IoT Security supports: Router and web camera.
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IoT Security (Guard Internet of Things devices) APK - v1.0.1

Updated: 2017-11-01

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1.0.1 (10010066)2017-11-01
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