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Size2.75 MB
OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesReceive work orders; access customer equipment history; get paid, and more.


There is no cost for this mobile app, but it requires a working trial, or paid subscription of Intuit Field Service Management. To log in use the same company name you see on your Person Profile in Field Service Management. Contact support if you have questions.

The features in this app include:
* View Manage "Active Work Orders"
* Process Work Orders
* Process Service Agreement Work Orders (part of an optional module)
* Add and View Time Card Records (part of an optional module)
* View Work Order Details
* Accept Signature on Work Order
* Email Work Order
* View and Edit Custom Fields
* Configure Work Order Lists
* Configure Work Order Details page
* Error Reporting/Send Log
* Receive Work Order Alerts
* View and Add Text Notes
* View Picture Notes
* Attach Picture Notes from Device Albums
* Attach Photos from the Device Camera
* View Equipment Service History
* View and Edit Equipment Attributes
* Add Equipment to Site through Work Order
* Change Equipment on Work Order
* See Work Orders Where I am Secondary
* Send GPS Location from the Field
* Price Up Invoice from the Field
* Email Invoice
* Take payment in the field though (additional fees apply)
* Email Receipt
* View and Manage Received Alerts
* Configure Mobile App through Settings
* Create work orders and customers
* Re-assign work orders

This application is NOT compatible with CorrigoNet or WorkTrack Facilities Management.
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Intuit Field Service APK - v6.20.30.0

Updated: 2019-11-06

What's new

The latest release contains a number of minor bug fixes.
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