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Author's NotesQuick, easy access to your 401k, paycheck info, FSA, UHC benefits card and more.


Insperity Mobile is now in sync with your active lifestyle. Quick, easy access to your 401k, paycheck information, FSA, UHC benefits card and more.

If you experience an issue with our application please contact us at so we can work with you directly to resolve the issue.
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Insperity Mobile APK - v2.5.5

Updated: 2021-01-29

What's new

New Performance section is available to Insperity Mobile that will allow users to quickly read and send kudos to other employees. Sending positive notes to employees has shown improvements in workforce engagement, a functionality currently found on Insperity Premier. Exciting new features include:

• Push notifications when a new Peer Note is received
• Visibility of Employee Rating and Appraiser Ratings
• Graphical representation of employee performance improvements or possible downturns
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2.5.5 (48)2021-01-29
2.5.4 (47)2020-12-18
2.5.3 (46)2020-12-11
2.5.2 (45)2020-11-22
2.5.1 (44)2020-11-05
2.4.2 (42)2020-09-21
2.4.1 (41)2020-08-10
2.4.0 (40)2020-07-29
2.3.1 (39)2020-02-10
2.3.0 (38)2019-12-16
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