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Author's NotesFree and secure videoconferencing solution


Infomaniak Meet is a videoconferencing solution that respects your privacy for all your discussions.

No e-mail address, no advertising and no registration are required. Your discussions are not analysed and are only transmitted through Infomaniak servers in Switzerland.

With the kMeet app, you can:

- Create online (audio and video) meetings with multiple people
- Join meetings hosted by Infomaniak Meet or Jitsi
- Protect access to your meetings with a password
- Discuss and share resources via the integrated chat function
- Invite your participants via a URL

Advantages of kMeet:

- Excellent audio quality
- Unlimited number of participants (subject to resources)
- Works on WiFi, 4G/LTE and 3G networks
- No apps required for desktop computers

It is based on the open source software Jitsi Meet and its Swiss host Infomaniak is making the service available free of charge. Further information:
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Infomaniak kMeet APK - v2.2

Updated: 2021-01-04

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2.2 (12)2021-01-04
2.1 (11)2020-08-10
2.0 (10)2020-08-07
1.6 (9)2020-07-23
1.5 (8)2020-06-01
1.4.1 (7)2020-05-22
1.1 (2)2020-04-05
1.0 (1)2020-04-04