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Author's NotesFulfill Your Dream of Being Immortal!


Taoists, please stay by! An idle adventure game of immortal cultivation Immortal Taoists just officially launched. The game is based on the Chinese culture of immortal cultivation, which mortals can ascend to immortals by cultivating. Download NOW to collect free gift packs, and your Martial Sisters are waiting for you to couple with.

☯Matchless Kungfu Skills
Kungfu skills are not only in the novels or the movies. At here, you can learn all kinds of matchless kungfu skills in the universe, including psychic spells, physical spells, elemental spells, etc.
☯Great Treasures
In the Universe of Cultivation, everything is spiritual and there are treasures everywhere in the world, such as Spiritual Stones, rare herbs, magic talisman and immortal pills, etc. You can take them all into your pocket and build your own equipment by blacksmithing and refine your own immortal pills.
☯Fortunate Destinies
Do you want to be the hero in the novel? You can make it happen here! It doesn’t matter if you are in the mountain or in the temple, there are countless good fortunes and treasures waiting for you. A beggar on the street may be a seclusive immortal who can give you Immortal Spells and let you be immortal as well. Make your choices and ascend to immortality.
☯Martial Sects
You can experience all kinds of Martial Sects in the world, including moral sects and evil sects. Make your choice and experience different stories of different sects. It doesn’t matter if you are moral or evil, the ultimate goal of cultivation is being immortal.
☯Coupling Companions
Do you ever feel lonely on the path of immorality? Isn’t it wonderful to find a companion who can couple with you and cultivate together? She may be your martial sister, martial aunt and even can be a “he”. It is hard to find a true love in the Universe of Cultivation, so please treasure the fate that brings people together.

Your immortal destiny is here, let’s cultivate together!
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Immortal Taoists-Idle Game of Immortal Cultivation APK - v1.3.4

Updated: 2019-12-19

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