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Author's NotesiFreeNovel collects various hot novels, providing a nice reading experience.


iFreeNovel is a reading platform for story lovers providing popular web novels and books freely. Readers can immerses themselves into another world via these online fictions. Various genres such as romance, sci-fiction, mystery, horror, action, adventure, fan-fiction, etc. are included.
[Why choose iFreeNovel]
1)Massive Novels with High Quality
- Various genres including romance, werewolf & Vampire, sci-fiction, Xuanhuan, mystery, horror, action, adventure, Wuxia, Xianxia, magical realism, competitive sports, history, military, realism, fan-fiction, etc.
2)New Chapter Every Day
-Serialized fictions are updated EVERY DAY.
3)Personalized Library
-Recommend books according to your reading preference.
-OFFLINE anywhere anytime.
4)Free Access
-Unlimited Free books to read
- Choose customized page turning effect and dark mode. Care for your eyes.
- Designed interface.
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iFreeNovel - Free Novels & Stories APK - v1.1.0

Updated: 2021-02-21

What's new

1. Massive Novels with High Quality
2. New Chapter Every Day
3. Personalized Library
4. Unlimited Free books to read
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1.1.0 (9)2021-02-21