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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesDownload & Enjoy, best entertainment fishing game in Myanmar.


FREE full online fish shooter game – DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!

IFISH - ZINGPLAY is fun, competitive, cute and easy to play. What else you expect from a fun online fish shooter game?

LIGHTWEIGHT fun online fish shooter game - ONLY 30MB

Choose your cannon and TAP to play.
My tips:
> DON’T want to share fish with others? Just THROW a BOMB to CATCH ‘em ALL!!!
> Buffs might help you a lot during the game.
> Bigger guns bring you more gold.

It's fun when you know how to crash the game. Don't forget my tips!

IFISH - ZINGPLAY is totally different from all the other fish arcade games.

★ 1 hand is all you need
★ 11 cannons with different power and bullets
★ Gorgeous themes
★ Spectacular buffs from BOSSES! Juice you up once you defeat them.
★ Awesome Power-ups! Pump up your cannon for maximum damage.
★ Simple yet UNIQUE!
★ Download and play for FREE! IFISH - ZINGPLAY is completely free to play.

iFish Dice Games (Hoo Hey How - Gourd Crab Fish Tiger) gives you a brand-new experience, different from the traditional one in Asia.
★ 1st "Gourd Crab Fish Tiger" online games with 9 players
★ More players, more fun and more entertaining
★ 9 players – 20 sec – who is gonna be the king?

★Easy peasy fun game
★Who has the card with the biggest number on it going to win and take it all.
★Will the luck be by your side? Let’s your cards say it.

Have a minute? Remember to complete daily quests and earn some quick rewards.
2 log-in gates - Google, Facebook, are available. All make your experience with iFish easier and better.

What are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the whole new online fish shooter experience in IFISH - ZINGPLAY of VNG. Get it right now, all fish shooters!
NOTE: The game will require GET_ACCOUNTS, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to play some features and secure your data. 
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IFISH - Fun Online Fish Shooter - ZINGPLAY APK - v2020.11.2

Updated: 2020-11-12

What's new

- Some minor tuning and bug fixes
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