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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesDo u like rally racing and car games? Welcome to the first-class car clicker!


Ready to earn millions by competently managing several vehicles at once? Everything is in your hands!
Chase your dream to create an unrivaled idle car empire by riding on different idle race tracks!
Start the race with one racing car, not the fastest, earn the first money when it passes the circle, and then buy and improve new sports cars with one TAP.
Reach a new level and go to a new location! Off-road driving and a perfect F1 track are waiting for you.
Don't stop on the usual tracks and cars, go to the past and to the future! Look at dinosaurs on hoverboards!🦖 Look at the race of moon rovers in low gravity! 🌘
TAP to speed up the cars! Make sure vehicles don't collide on the road. Accident may occur. BOOM!

TAP to buy new vehicles, TAP to improve them and thus create your own business. If you like clickers and races, download Idle Race Rider. Upgrade your engine, turbo or any other part, increase the speed of your car and drive, drive! Upgrade everything, make a lot of money! Open all locations and maps!

🏎 Simple idle gameplay for those who like clicker games;
🏎 Tracks in various locations;
🏎 A variety of racing cars;
🏎 Extensive upgrade options;
🏎 Offline game;
🏎 Free business tycoon simulator;

Do you like racing games? Ready to become a real idle hero racer in the clicker world? Just download and install this game!
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Idle Race Rider — Car tycoon simulator APK - v0.7.1

Updated: 2020-02-26

What's new

💥 Less armor — more fun! Instead of armor, the duration of the nitro is now upgradable. Race longer and faster!
🦖 Oh My God, Its a Dinosaur! New track, and new... hm, new racers. Will you discover them?
🔍 Zoom-zoom! Now in the map view, you can pinсh to zoom.

⚙️ The balance has been twisted, bugs fixed, visual effects improved.
🏎 3... 2... 1... Let's go!
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