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OS Require5.0 and up
Author's NotesTry rediscovering yourself


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An immersive text-based journey that inspires people towards self-discovery and emotional maturity. Have you ever felt lost? Don’t know what you want? Do you think you really know yourself? Feel life again from a new perspective.

I Meet Myself is an original text-based story with thought provoking elements. The story aims to provide an experiential emotional journey (rather than being overly informative), while encouraging one to philosophise about one’s meaning in life in an open, patient and compassionate manner.

The story starts off with an amnesiac main character who gradually learns of the world within and without. Similarly, this relates to ourselves when we start on our journey of rediscovering ourselves. Read, absorb, relate, question and grow with the main character that encounters the many beliefs and quirks of others and within oneself.

Main features:
- Thought provoking story
- Multiple choices
- Multiple scenarios
- Ambient background music
- Minimalistic design
- Nudging questions
- Autosave feature

1. Will the game be translated into Portuguese (and other languages) ?
Thank you for your interest in the game. We hear your requests and do have plans to translate it into multiple languages (including Portuguese). As of now, we are looking at releasing chapter 6 before we consider tackling the translations next. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

2. Do my choices or input affect the game or story?
Yes and no. On one hand, the story is largely linear with minor maneuvers and most choices and input are for the user's self-reflection and experience. On the other hand, most chapters do have multiple endings, and the choices made can affect how the story progresses.
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What's new

Yes, we are finally back!!
NEW L.O.F.T.Y. and NEW ending for Chapter 2! Play to find out what is L.O.F.T.Y.!
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