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OS Require4.0.3 and up
Author's NotesInstant playback of jingles, sound effects and music on your phone or tablet.


Instant playback of jingles, sound effects and music, right from your smartphone or tablet.

The new i-Jingle PRO does not only turn your Android tablet into a professional jingle player, it now also turns them into a mixing desk with up to 5 fader controls. Put 2 fingers on the jingle that you want to play and slide up. Now you have a start button that will play the selected jingle and a fader that will allow you on the fly volume adjustments – just like a real mixing desk.

i-Jingle has a cloud based backup and restore feature that allows users full recovery from a crash or re-install.

PRIVACY NOTICE: When using the cloud backup service within iJingle, we will use your e-mail address to store and identify your current configuration (such as preset names, preset colours or jingles) on No other personal information than your e-mail address will be used. You will have the option to decline sharing your email address with - the cloud backup feature will then not be available to you.

Other i-Jingle PRO features, just for you and only a touch away!

With looping you can now set an in and out loop point and store it. When playing a looping enabled jingle from the main player screen it will start to play until it reaches the loop out point and continuously play the loop section until you tap the jingle again, after which it will ignore the loop out point and play until the end of the jingle.

With the ducking function you can drop the audio level of an already playing jingle when starting a ducking enabled jingle like a shout, effect or voice over. Settings for fade up/down and pre-fading allow maximum control and a highly professional sound.

This easy to use feature allows you to adjust the volume level for each individual jingle.

i-Jingle is cloud ready with the Dropbox file import feature. Link your Dropbox account to i-Jingle with a single tap and start browsing your folders and files. Select the files you want to import and let i-Jingle download them. The newly added files will be available in the Trunk folder the same way as in case of any other imported file, regardless of its source.

With Autocue you no longer need to worry about jingles starting too slowly or at the wrong point. Use the automatic function to avoid white space at the start or pin point the play cue manually, anywhere in a track.

The mixing desk / volume control per column in the PRO version gives you on the fly control over volume levels and real size fader controls. Activate just 1 or all 5 faders and make manual fade outs and volume drops just like on a mixing desk.

i-Jingle turns your Android tablet , into the most professional and powerful jingle player you can find on the market. Easy to use controls make it possible for you to play up to 8 jingles simultaneously, cross fade 2 jingles, fade out the first jingle while starting the next one or simply stop the first and start the next. The so called 2nd touch settings allow the stopping, fading out or re-starting a jingle. At any given moment you have 30 jingles on your screen and scrolling up and down through the jingles or quickly switching between presets allow you to access up to 300 jingles without ever leaving the main screen.

Jingles can be picked directly from your tablet’s media library or a Dropbox folder and are easily distributed into categories and assigned to player columns.

Tip: If you're not sure about purchasing i-Jingle PRO at this moment, we suggest you try the new FREE i-Jingle 2.0
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