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versionAsteroid Blues 1.0.36
Size6.62 MB
OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesPractice and have fun from any music: take off vocals, piano or guitar and play!


Rediscover your songs from the original titles: take off vocals, piano, drums, bass or guitar and play along your music!

"I Am a Band" is an advanced music player to practice music or singing. Pick any music on your phone and thanks to high-quality audio filters you'll be able to toggle on or off the voice, the guitar, the piano or the bass while it's playing. Sing along!

Karaoke enthousiast? Enjoy singing along the actual original record and not a reinterpretation or an artificial score.

Guitar player? Listen and analyze the guitar track of your favorite titles by disabling all the other tracks, then play again with your performance instead of the original one!

Piano player ? Practice your favorite scores with high quality musical accompaniment!

Drums master ? Bass or piano player ? You can do the same and improve your skills while having fun!

"I Am a Band" makes use of the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence technologies to provide an unprecedented level of quality. The app split any song in distinct tracks: one for the voices, another one for the guitars and others for drums, bass and piano.

🎼 voice and vocals remover to create cover songs or karaoke
🎼 create cover songs from any music by playing along the original performance
🎼 use your mp3 as backing tracks for the piano, guitar, bass, or drums playing
🎼 remove piano from any song
🎼 remove bass from any song
🎼 remove drums from any song
🎼 remove guitar from any song
🎼 enable or disable tracks live while playing
🎼 a simple and dynamic user interface
🎼 change song tempo while playing
🎼 change pitch while playing
🎼 keep and sort your songs in your music catalog
🎼 edit your song title or artist
🎼 can transform any audio file available on your device.
🎼 supports most audio formats: MP3, OGG and many more!
🎼 offline playing (option)

This music player is free now with the ability purchase additionnal capacity and features through an in-app shop: the ability to increase the storage capacity (starting from 5 songs) and to play your songs without any network/data.

Note that there is NO SUPPORT (yet) for recording or exporting to other apps through MP3 files but it is coming very soon.

The music player captures no personal data and does not require any mail or login through third-party services to be used unless an in-app purchase is made. Then it requires a Google account.

See what guitar players around the world said when discovering it:

"Holy crap! This is super helpful! Thanks a lot!"

"This is such an awesome idea. Thanks a lot for creating it, and thanks again for posting it. Tremendous stuff."

"This is so awesome! Just what we were looking for, and so well done and simple!"
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I am a BAND, Cover songs & Karaoke music player APK - vAsteroid Blues 1.0.36

Updated: 2020-10-20

What's new

[NEW] Export any individual tracks as mp3 (long press on a song to access)
[PERFORMANCE] Improved startup time
[FIXED] Comply with new background services constraints introduced with Android 10
[FIXED] many small issues
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Asteroid Blues 1.0.36 (68)2020-10-20
Asteroid Blues 1.0.34 (66)2020-10-13
Asteroid Blues 1.0.31 (63)2020-09-11
Asteroid Blues 1.0.28 (60)2020-08-30
Asteroid Blues 1.0.17 (49)2020-08-23
Asteroid Blues 1.0.16 (48)2020-08-16
Asteroid Blues 1.0.12 (44)2020-07-29
Asteroid Blues 1.0.10 (42)2020-07-16