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Author's NotesHUDWAY Cast app is designed to make using smartphone while driving safer and keep you focused on what really matters...




HUDWAY Cast app is designed to make using smartphone while driving safer and keep you focused on what really matters — on the road ahead.

The app lets you manage basic smartphone functions behind the wheel in a quick, less-distracting way. It offers direct access to navigation, calls, messages, and music through its smart, driving-purposed interface.


Enter your destination or search for a POI — HUDWAY will create the best route to commute and give you turn-by-turn directions. The live 3D view of the road is easy to grasp, and you won’t get lost even at the most complicated junctions. And you won’t need Internet for that — the app will download offline maps for you to drive offline — globally!


Keep your eyes on the road when receiving an incoming call — and use a swipe to accept or dismiss it. Add contacts to favorites and call them with one tap.


No more texting while driving: send your friends a quick template message to let them know you’re on the way — or send them a voice message. No typing!


Connect your Spotify account or music library — and manage tracks with quick swipes and taps. You can also listen to more than 170 radio stations from all over the world (please note that you’ll need Internet for streaming online audio).


Quickly view your speed, ETA, trip statistics and driving score — and share your location with just one tap.

Recommendations on app use:

Mount your phone anywhere in your car where it’s convenient for you to quickly reach it — for example, above the airvent. The app can be used as is, but together with our HUDWAY Cast device it will give you an unparalleled experience of driving with a real heads-up display: you’ll still be able to manage your calls, messages, and music on your smartphone, while navigation will be streamed wirelessly onto a transparent lens right in your line of sight.

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HUDWAY Cast — Safe Driving APK - v1.2.7

Updated: 2018-11-01

What's new

– restart application fixed
– fixed bugs with audio player
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