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Author's NotesContinue your journey with one of the HTM bikes


When the tram or bus doesn’t take you exactly to your final
destination, you can take an HTM Bike for the last mile. The HTM Bike can be
combined with your tram and/or bus journey, but can of course also be used
separately. By bike you travel around the city easily, without getting caught
up in traffic. Grab a bike whenever and wherever you want.

Find and rent a bike

An HTM Bike is very easy to use and to register: Download the HTM
Bike app. After you’ve created an account, the app will show you exactly
where you can find available bicycles throughout the region. Select the bike
at the most convenient location for you and you will receive directions to the
location of that specific bike. You can unlock the HTM Bike by scanning the
QR code. The lock opens automatically after the QR code has been scanned.​

You can reserve a bike 30 minutes beforehand so that you are assured that a
bike is available for you.

When you have reached your destination, you can return the bike at the
locations shown in this app. If you want to park the bike temporarily, you can
do so by using the “pause” button in the app. To continue your journey, you
switch off the ‘’pause’’ button. As long as the “pause” button is activated, the
rental time continues. The bike rental can only be stopped when the bike is
parked at one of the locations shown in the app. The app can also be used
afterwards to view all your trips and invoices.
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HTM Bike APK - v2.7

Updated: 2020-04-04


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