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Author's NotesHome Temperature Meter and House Temperature Thermometer


One of the best home thermometer app to check inside temperature or outdoor temperature, you can check room temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales at the same time. This House Temperature app is the perfect app to check the home temperature. For full accurate results about room temperature in both centigrade, Kelvin and Fahrenheit units. Download free home temperature meter for your android and detect the temperature of indoor and outdoor .

► Key Features of our digital thermometer app:
1. Measure indoor Temperature in Celsius
2. House Temperature checker in Fahrenheit
3. Measure Outside Humidity Checker
4. Measure Outdoor wind
5. Battery Temperature Meter
6. Home Temperature Meter
7. Live Whether Forest
7. Custom themes for home temperature checker app
8. Calibrate temperature for thermometer app

No special permissions needed. Uses only device sensors for calculation.

Detects the temperature unit type °C or °F. Can be switch by touching the unit sign.

Inside and outside temperature, humidity, wind speed and weather status display.

Keep away from too hot or too cold objects for better results.

This Digital Thermometer App cannot replace a medical thermometer, a baby thermometer, an ear thermometer, a forehead thermometer , an infrared thermometer and electronic thermometer.

Important! : For accurate results, leave your phone without use about 5-10 minutes. Then it will give you the correct indoor temperature. When your phone is in use the battery warms up and temperature is measured higher then real.
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Home Temperature Thermometer - House Temperature APK - v1.01

Updated: 2020-08-31

What's new

House Temperature Meter
Live Weather Forecast
Theme Customization
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1.01 (1)2020-08-31