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Did you ever wanted to keep your photos safely from snooping friends... If yes then here's a great opportunity for you.
The Hide Photos application hides the selected image files safely for you. This application is presented as a Brightness Manager wherein you can change the brightness of the phone.

How to get into the application:
"Adjust the brightness of the phone between 80 and 100 with the seekbar provided at the bottom. Then long pressing the Sun in the top will take you to the application" where a password screen pops up asking for password.. The password to open the application is 8080.

After getting into the application you can view the folders and the images in the application itself.
The images does not appear in the gallery nor in the file explorer.

Procedure to hide photos:
Long press on the image you want to hide in the default 'File Explorer' or 'Gallery' and the click the share option. Select the Brightness Manager application and follow the steps.
A default folder is provided to save the images. You can create new ones as per your wish too.

Procedure to Unhide:
a. Long press on the hidden pic seen inside the application to get the unhide option.
b. You can select the "Select to Unhide" button at the bottom to select multiple files to unhide. Once the files are selected , press the Unhide button at the bottom to unhide the pictures.
The unhidden pictures are stored in the folder named "Brightness Manager" in the sdcard....

You can hide as many photos you want. There's practically no limit....

So happily stock your personal images inside your smart phone without making others aware of it.

In case of any problems you can mail us at
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Hide Photos APK - v1.0

Updated: 2016-01-13


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