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Author's NotesFreelance Pay Per View Live Streaming & Public Calendar Platform


FANBASE MOBILE is the first and only “Freelance Pay Per View” platform to offer Public Figures, Organizations, Influencers, and Promoters an avenue to schedule upcoming live stream events and calendar events, then market these events to their fans while generating residual income by using our proprietary and highly intuitive calendaring system.

We’ve created a universal calendaring platform that allows your fans to follow your public calendar while also allowing them to view upcoming events or scheduled live stream events that will be available for purchase. Artists, Non-Profits, Influencers, Comedians, Fitness Professionals, and even Politicians! If you have a following you can register on FANBASE Mobile.

Register as a Public Figure or Non-Profit to create and publish events on your public calendar. Schedule upcoming live stream events, and you control the pricing! Track sales or donations in real-time and collect residual income for past events that will be available “On Demand” for your fans to save and watch.

Register as a Fan and follow your favorite Public Figures or Organizations. Save calendar events or purchase upcoming live stream events and view exclusive content only available on FANBASE Mobile.

Register as an Administrator, and if you’ve been assigned Admin rights by your client, you will be able to manage your client’s public calendar from either your personal device or online via our web app.

IDENTITY PROTECTION: Through our proprietary “Video Verification Process,” we can assure you that your identity will never be duplicated when registering as either a Public Figure or Organization.


PUBLIC CALENDAR: Create and share events or schedule live stream events on a monthly events calendar to create consistent future engagement with your fans.

PAY PER VIEW: Create and publish upcoming live stream events and you get to set the cost of the event! Live stream events will stay on your public calendar and will be available “on demand” for future purchase by your fans. This is a great way to maintain residual income while creating new and exclusive content.

ADMINISTRATORS: Public Figures and Organizations will be able to assign Admin rights to anyone listed as a contact on your mobile device. Admins will have full access to your public calendar and will be able to easily manage your schedule on both our mobile platforms and online web app.

TRACK SALES: Conveniently track your Gross Sales right within the app. You can monitor both your current months sales and On Demand sales at the click of a button.

CUSTOMER LISTS: Anyone creating exclusive content for purchase will be able to download the list of subscribers for that specific event. This can be done through your Settings within your mobile device or online via our web app.

SEARCH: Fans are able to search for any public calendar by either typing in a specific name or you can search by category.

NOTIFICATIONS: Fans will be notified of new calendar events, live events, when live events are starting to broadcast, event cancellations, or any changes or updates to existing calendar events. Notifications are sent via push notifications and within the mobile app.

FOLLOW: Fans can follow their favorite Public Figures or public calendars and get immediately notified of new events or upcoming live stream events.

EVENT MEDIA: When creating calendar events, you can upload and share images right within the event. Fans can access and download these images directly from their event screen on your public calendar.

FANBASE MOBILE is revolutionizing the way we connect with our fans, so give your fans “the future,” and keep them up to date with any and all exclusive content!
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Fanbase Mobile APK - v3.3.3.13

Updated: 2020-11-14

What's new

- Bug fixes
- added a tag field
- Performance improvement
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