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Author's NotesLearn French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German and more by vocabulary games.


100% visual learning!
Only 5 minutes a day!

With over 22 free languages to choose from, HelloWords’ quick and interactive word games make learning a new language fun.

Here are the key features that make HelloWords right for you:

【22 languages available】
We offer the following languages that you want to learn for FREE!
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish, Norwegian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Hindi, Indonesian, Hungarian, Danish

【SRS memorization method】
In order to never forget vocabulary again, HelloWords uses "spaced repetition system (SRS)" based on the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve. This shows that calculated intervals of repetition allow you to memorize words more effectively.

【Game-based vocabulary learning】
Why do people get hooked on playing games? Not only because they're fun but also because you can get feedback on everything you do, and they help you set goals. Now we have integrated these aspects into HelloWords. You'll feel entertained while learning as well!
Notice: With the correct game-based vocabulary learning approach, you accumulate considerable knowledge of a new language instead of wasting time!

【Advanced learning statistics】
After each session you’ll see your daily progress with a detailed report of all the words that you studied, including the words that you've already mastered by clicking "Senior filter".
As the amount of vocabulary you grasp increases, your language level will improve automatically. Visible signs of progress make you more confident.

【Strategically selected vocabulary】
The foreign language team of HelloTalk handpicked 1000+ practical words from 147 topics that cover 90% of everyday word usage. These are words you’ll actually use when you travel to a country where the language is spoken.

【Fragmented learning: only 5 minutes a day】
HelloWords limits your learning time to 5 minutes. This might sound crazy, but it works like a charm. The time limit encourages intense focus which further enhances the effectiveness of memorization.

Whether you are on the road, waiting for a bus, or at the supermarket, just take your phone out to study.

No excuses: you can ALWAYS find 5 minutes!

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HelloWords: Learn English Japanese Korean Spanish APK - v1.1.0

Updated: 2020-12-11

What's new

1. Added colored learning mode, now users can switch the style of the learning theme style at any time
2. Optimized the interactive experience for learning new words.
3. Fixed some usage problems.
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1.1.0 (30)2020-12-11
1.0.1 (28)2020-10-15
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